About us

Loyalty Jiu Jitsu Academy was built to change people’s lives through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. That is only possible because our main coaches have been doing this art since 1994. What does that mean? It means, our business is not a second job for us but a lifetime journey written with dedication, sacrifices and hard work.

The academy is one of the most beautiful and modern facilities designed specific for the practice of Jiu Jitsu. It has over 200 square meters of the best mats on the market; fitness area; individual toilets and individual change rooms; a shower and an ample on site car parking. It is also well maintained and cleaned daily to ensure your safety alongside your health.

The environment is unique due to its family oriented approach, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our staff are frequently striving to deliver the best experience for you, being on the mats, online or even off the mats.

You choose your Jiu Jitsu path with us and we promise to walk alongside you to reach yours dreams.


Qualified Instructors

Our main coaches are both black belts who's roots and craft of their techniques come straight from the source of the pure traditional Brazilian jiu jitsu: Brazil.

Safe for everyone

Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts that has a no trauma approach (for instance: no punch or kick) making it easy to be crafted for every single type of person and very safe.

Family oriented

As a school of jiu jitsu we strive to engage every family to be apart of our work cultivating a community friendship that benefits us all.

Friendly atmosphere

Staffs and older students are amiable to all newbies that join the team breaking with any fear or anxiety generated by the idea of starting something anew.

School of jiu jitsu

Throughout our simple methodology we will guide you inside the path and lifestyle of BJJ. Helping you to learn, develop and achieve all fundamental skills and values required to become a champion inside and outside the mats.

Amazing facility

The club is designed over the comfort of our students, as of that prime floor and wall mats were set to both protect and absorb any impact. There's also a relaxing area carefully maintained clean at all times.


Coach Fabiano





Reza Fathi